My Creative Call
My Creative Call
I view my artistic side as a gift from God. It’s my calling. The Creator of the universe has gifted me with the desire to be a co-creator with him. The words of Matthew Fox come to mind; “ When I am operating at my best, my work is my prayer. It comes out of the same place that prayer comes out of- the center, the heart.”
To me, an artist is simply someone who creates.
It’s built into my DNA. I see a tin full of paint brushes, or a tube of paint, and I’m instantly inspired. I breathe in the familiar and comforting scent of India ink as it permeates my studio and soak in the moment, knowing this is exactly where I should be. An old barn window excites me like a set of super swamper tires on a land cruiser excites my husband, Terry. In the same way, I don’t understand his love of motorized vehicles with a lift kit so high one needs a ladder to get into the truck. He looks over my $2.00 solid wood, dove tail joined, potential to be refurbished into a bathroom vanity, garage sale dresser, with confusion written all over his face. His once peaceful drive through the country to hunt down our next meal is now dotted with countless stops as he lovingly humours me at sights I deem scenic enough to photograph. I am passionate about creating! Unable to pin myself to any one medium, I find joy and fulfillment in many. My personal creative outlets are painting with oils; when I get the chance having 4 kids wanting to partake in the process that is. Photographing conceptual fine art portraits and scenery . I am blessed to live in a place where inspiration lives just outside my front door. I collect and refurbish furniture and in an attempt to stay true to my creative self and not be one of those starving, I design interior spaces for a living. (Home At Last Interiors) On top of all of these creative vices I add teaching art to children. As a mother of 4 young creators, teaching art began at home and soon grew into volunteer time in classrooms, camps and daycares. My own studio served as a classroom to many budding artists over the last few years, where together we explored a vast number of artistic mediums. I thoroughly enjoy watching the kids discover what they can do in art class. As a teacher it is my greatest joy to pass on a love of art and creating. It is my hope that every student leaves my classroom feeling a sense of pride and a burning desire to create.
I find that some how all of my creative endeavours inter-connect. My family well tolerates my need to stop three times on the way to school to photograph the two love birds we have affectionately named Romeo and Juliet; who have made a nest on the top of a local power pole; consequently making my kids late for class.
Despite all of this, I occasionally hear my family talking about one of my creations with pride in their voices and I think to myself, that's good enough for me. While I do not require others to like my work in order to create it, I draw strength out of the fact that one of my paintings drew a tear to my mothers eye.
I have come to the conclusion, that if God gave me a desire to create, that I must work on developing that ability, and be a good steward of that gift. In doing so I was blessed and encouraged to have my work chosen by jury to be in a show, where one of my well respected college professors also had his work on display.
My work has been exhibited locally in the Lake Country Art Gallery, Gallery Vertigo, the Carrs Landing Art tour, the and the Hot Holiday Homes and flower power garden tours.
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