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Photography by Tina Knooihuizen
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Featured Artist: Ramona Swift

Featuring ArtistRamona Swift of Swiftfox Studios; a very talented artist, writer and musician.
With the exciting news that Ramona Swift; a good friend and fellow artist; released her first published book "Poppies in the Sand" into stores; I wanted to congratulate her with this Featured Artist page.  I so admire Ramona as I have watched her meet adversity head on with nothing but success in her sights.  So CHEERS to you Ramona Swift. Congratulations! I am looking forward to reading your book.
I invite you to visit the Swiftfox Gallery by clicking on the photo below... you are in for a treat!

Sick days

Unfortunately, I am taking a few sick days. I will be back and make up for lost blog entries then.
Here's to oil of oregano, cinnamon, honey, echinacea, vitamin C, Garlic, Buckleys, and Tylenol extra strength.
See you in a few days.

DIY Lamp Shade

DIY Lamp Shade
Inspired by an image I saw on Pinterest, I customized a boring and unappealing lamp shade for a vintage lamp I purchased at auction.  Using a basic shade, spray adhesive, tracing paper, a soft lead pencil, a felt pen, white glue, a paint brush and book pages. I used pages from a bible that my little girl left in the rain this past summer. I saved it knowing I would re-purpose it somewhere. The pages are thin so the light comes through well. You could use any kind of book really, kids books, news paper, wrapping paper, wall paper etc.
 : I pulled the fabric off the shade
I pulled the fabric off the shade
 : Sprayed the shade with spray adhesive
Sprayed the shade with spray adhesive
 : Smoothed pages from a book onto the shade using a rag until the entire shade was covered
Smoothed pages from a book onto the shade using a rag until the entire shade was covered
 : Brushed on a white glue and water mixture to seel the paper
Brushed on a white glue and water mixture to seel the paper
 : Chose and traced a silhouette image from google images, using a soft lead pencil
Chose and traced a silhouette image from google images, using a soft lead pencil
 : Transfered the image onto the shade and colored it in with a felt pen
Transfered the image onto the shade and colored it in with a felt pen

Amusing Quirky Rooms on HOUZZ

Houzz is a great inspirational design sharing site.  This Article is particularly amusing. Check it out!
FUN HOUZZ10 of the Quirkiest, Coolest Rooms on HouzzWhen imaginations run wild, design fantasies take flight. See these daringly unconventional spaces for yourself

Country Chic!

Tim and Lorraine Miller
3629 Luxmore
This is absolutely my pick for house of the year!!  The tour of this home felt like a vacation! 
Home owner Lorraine carefully considered every detail was when decorating this upscale contemporary chic country home; where she lives with her husband, Tim and their three children
There is certainly nothing typical about this farm house when you take into account it’s chefs kitchen; complete with stainless steel appliances and prep counter, Solid wood eating island, and Corian countertops. The views from a large counter height windows spanning the kitchen wall, are of the countryside and family pool. The spacious master bedroom features a private office space, luxurious spa like ensuite, and master walk in closet, which has it’s own chaise and chandelier . As remarkable as it is to have a crystal chandelier in the closet, it is only one of 13  stunning chandeliers in this home. Tim and Lorraine’s house is grand but maintains a comfortable and charming atmosphere. The contrast of new and posh blended with collections of vintage and antique finds, re-purposed and re-claimed treasures create a balance of comfortable luxury. Whether you are looking to dine with friends and family, to bathe in lavish comfort or to curl up in a cosy corner and read or book, you’ll find it here.
As if that weren’t enough, The Millers have guest quarters that are as impressive as the main house. After seeing the suite, you’ll wish you had an invitation.  
The Millers are ready to start a new chapter and have put this house up for sale. Perhaps, this is the house for you?
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Kelowna Real Estate Home - 3629 Luxmoore Road - www.okanaganbc.com
Kelowna Real Estate - Luxury Home - www.okanaganbc.com - The kitchen is a gourmet chef's dream with top of the line Thermador stainless gas 6 burner stove and grill and 2 ovens. The water faucet fo...
  More Images of this home...
 : George Dimitrov photography
George Dimitrov photography
 : George Dimitrov photography
George Dimitrov photography
 : George Dimitrov photography
George Dimitrov photography
 : George Dimitrov photography
George Dimitrov photography
 : George Dimitrov photography
George Dimitrov photography
 : George Dimitrov photography
George Dimitrov photography

A tribute to Sarah Richardson

A Tribute to Sarah Richardson; a superstar designer known around the world for jaw-dropping transformations that turn ordinary spaces into magazine-worthy rooms.
      Dan Sullivan — a strategic coach, says " Having mentors, coaches and role models is critical. Absolutely critical.”   In the design world Sarah Richardson is mine.  To become successful, one must follow the footsteps of great entrepreneurial business leaders. Thanks to technology like television and the internet,  I have enjoyed the privilege of watching Sarah create gorgeous and elegant character spaces.  I have come to have a high regard for her work ethic, artistic genius, and certainly don't mind the occasional laugh compliments of her witty banter with co-host Tommy Smythe.
While there are many designers I respect, I would characterize my design ethos to be most like hers. I don't think I have seen a Sarah Richardson room I didn't love.
Sarah Richardson speaks at the Women of Influence conference.  Click on the photo to link to Sarah Richardson's speech)
Some of my Favourite Sarah Richardson rooms:

Today's Photos. Rustic Chic Icicle Compositions

Oh wow. What a beautiful sight. Were it not cold outside I'd have taken a thousand photos.  I love the rustic barn board backdrop behind these stunning frozen water formations.

More than Decor

“Ah! There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.”
Jane Austen
  There is more to making a house into a home than picking pretty and co-ordinating decor items. I was having a conversation on this topic with a good friend and fellow designer today, after we looked at the Architectural digest. One can create a magazine worthy space, but if it does not reflect those who live in it, it will read cold and sterile. More over, creating a place you go to, to find comfort and escape the chaos of concrete jungle, it is more about an atmosphere than objects.  While we need functional items to live comfortably, and some of these tangible objects may have emotional associations, there needs to be more. A successful space; in my opinion; to soak in life, will stimulate all senses. It will be filled with sights that conger up comforting memories, familiar smells, soothing sounds, engaging textures, and when it comes to food, I say turn off the TV, pull out the fine china, use the dining table, invite the company of loved ones and really participate in the culinary experience.  Food prepared by your own hands should be celebrated and appreciated.  No I  am not suggesting you do this every day, but make it a regular occasion.  Macaroni and cheese takes on a whole new meaning when eating it out of fine dishes. There is no reason you can't dine in luxury by yourself either.  
After a long day there is nothing more soothing than simmering a pot of cinnamon or vanilla, adjusting the lighting to suit the mood; be it add more or dim them and light a collection of candles; and  pulling up my favourite online 'Groove Shark' playlist. Home then becomes the most comforting place in the world.  
A few of my favourite uplifting songs...
(for whatever reason, once you click on these links, it closes my website)
 The Way I am, Ingred Michaelson
Banana Pancakes, Jack Johnson
Wiadom, Ion Storm
Somewhere over the Rainbow,   Israel Kamakawiwoʻole
Dreams, Cranberries
When Your'e Smiling, Louis Armstrong
Padam, Edith Piaf
  Two of my favourite comfort foods...
Home made soup and biscuits.  The smell permeates the air and takes me back to a moment in time that I shared with my grandmother, Helen.
Also I love roast beef and gravy with mashed potatoes. Of course my moms is the best. Yum, I'm getting hungry!
I'd love to hear what makes your house a home! 
What are your comfort foods and songs?

Photos of the day by Tina Knooihuizen. Quote by ``Shel Silverstein``

Birds are flyin' south for winter.
Here's the Weird-Bird headin' north,
Wings a-flappin', beak a-chatterin',
Cold head bobbin' back 'n' forth.
He says, "It's not that I like ice
Or freezin' winds and snowy ground.
It's just sometimes it's kind of nice
To be the only bird in town.”
Winter becomes quite tolerable after a sight like this. *Hopeful*

Re-purpose LP records

     Today I picked up 2 boxes of LP Records. I absolutely love them! The first records, I picked up years ago. They were old 60's albums with fantastically retro jacket covers, which I used for a 'nod to the 60's 70's and 80's' dinner party.   Since then, I have framed the cover of the "Sound of Music" and used it in 2 decorative installations.  Also I have framed, both a Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra jacket.  Album covers are fantastic nostalgic artworks.  But not only are the covers fantastic so are the records themselves.  Why throw away when you can re-Purpose?  Here are some interesting ways to re-use your old LP's.

Sunset Photography by Tina Knooihuizen

Living in the Okanagan Valley, I've often heard said that we pay a Sunshine tax and I often say we should get a refund for the winter months as we rarely see the sun peek out. I for one could use a little more vitamin D.  I have heard of vitamin D lightbulbs and have often wondered if they work. Happily, today was an exception! Not only did we get some heat but also a georgeous snowy sunset.  
Do you use a vitamin D lightbulb?  How does it work for you? Drop me a line.


My very talented sister;Leanne; who is an avid SCRAPBOOKER; introduced me to SMASHBOOKING.
Smash booking reminded me of putting together a presentation board for a client proposal.  Only It is life and experiences related instead.   It could be a collection of decorating ideas, notes, sketches, clips, and samples OR A visual diary with journaling about your day, movie tickets from your night out, receipts from that great pair of pants you found and a snapshot of a good friend who accompanied you on the trip.  A travel journal with sketches of places you explore, critiques of food you eat, recipes you acquire etc. You get the idea.  
Maybe it's a combo of all things.  That is what mine will be. It's a hard copy of Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.  I have always kept a running sketchbook, a practice started in college.   My fine Arts prosessor in had us, students keep a daily sketchbook. At the end of the term we were required to hand in a full book. We were forced to find inspiration even when we were not inspired. The take away from that activity was firstly, drawing practice but more importantly learning how to create inspiration rather than waiting for it to fall into our laps. NIKE says JUST DO IT. Good advice I think.
Attempting to keep a smashbook will open you eyes to daily blessings, encourage regular creative outlets, and be a tactile record of your life.  You DO NOT have to be an artist to be a Smashbooker. 
Some Smashbook example compliments of Google Images...
Please share your Smashbook with me and I will share it with my followers. tina@homeatlast.name

One Hundred Headboards

Today, Some friends of ours gave us a tour of a house they recently purchased. They are in the midst of extensive renovations.  Immediately Upon arrival I see and fall in love with the front doors. They are wooden carved doors in need of some repair and refinishing.  In jest I suggested to them that they replace them and give them to me to dispose of.  Little did I know, I would be the lucky recipient of said doors as soon as I can find a suitable replacement. With these doors I will create a fabulous headboard!
        I Have compiled for your convenience, a Google Images collection of unique headboards. Many of these, you could make yourself. The first of which I made with a door, a couple farm house windows  and mirror inserts.

The SPICE of Life. Day 9

The SPICE of Life.  Day 9
While gathering the spices I needed to make tonights dinner, I glimpsed a lonely un-opened bottle of Marjoram. The same Marjoram I have had at the back of the spice drawer for more than 6 years. (Anyone know if It will still be good if un-opened?) I have looked over this bottle hundreds of times but for some unknown reason, today I was prompted to look up what it is used for in cooking.  While browsing the web for spices, I was educated on the use of many spices and furthermore inspired by how all of life is better with a bit of spice; drawing a parallel in the worlds of Design, decor, fashion, food and fun.
My advice for adding spice to your life:
  • As in cooking, spice to your taste. Discover what you want a taste of and go for it. Perhaps you watch 'Dancing with the Stars' because it looks like fun... Take some ballroom dance classes.  I saw a quote I fell in love with, floating around Facebook the other day
  • Most spices are used in moderation. Just because you like Garlic doesn't mean add a whole head. There is such thing as too much of a good thing. When Decorating a room, sometimes a splash of color will do the trick.
  • When decorating for a family, an assortment of spices can be blended together. If you don't know how to mix contrasting spices, hire a professional. When you don't know how to make a meal you love, you go out to dinner and let a pro Chef cook for you. The same applies in the design world. Hire a professional to help you do the blending.
  • Lastly, spices are best if they are allowed to steep into the food. I for one am a better person when I allow myself time to soak in a few relaxing moments. One of my favourite places... The Lake Country Coffee House and Art Gallery,
 with a large, non fat, Tazo Chai Tea Latte. Ummmm Cinnamon and cardimum.
To finish this blog post I want to share with you an online link to an excellent source on the  types and uses of spices ... Spice up your life, I'm going to try my Marjoram this week. 

Granite Euphoria

      noun 1. a state of intense happiness
     This is a fitting description for my visit to Hari Stone's Tile and Stone Warehouse.  Marlene at Landmark Granite, recommended to my client and myself to visit the Leathead rd location to source some tile samples.  Little did I know when I drove into a back alley parking lot, marked by a little warn out sign that I would be entering a stone wonderland.  I was so impressed with the quantity and variety of options.  The gigantic showroom houses hundreds of granite, travertine, marble and slate slabs, some of which are unique like I have never seen.  Honestly my heart rate increased imagining the possibilities. WOW, if you are in the market for stone I recommend a trip out to Hari Stone's and Marlene at Landmark Granite will set you up with a quote.     *On a side note... DO NOT TOUCH THE SAMPLE BOARDS. THEY ARE NOT GLUED TO THE BACK BOARDS. I broke a few tiles today.  OOPS
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