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My Creative Call

Inspirational. Tin of artists paint brushes My Creative Call
     I view my artistic side as a gift from God. It’s my calling.  Artists are a unique, complicated and often misunderstood breed, and I am one of them. I once believed that to be a "real" artist I would have to be making a living selling my art. There is a reason us creators are coined "starving artists". Not many of us actually make money until after were long  gone from this world and that's if were lucky.  Never the less, we paint, draw, sculpt, photograph, write, sing, play, craft, refurbish, design build.  I now believe that an artist is just someone who can’t help but to create. It’s built into my DNA. I see a tin full of paint brushes, or a tube of paint, and I’m instantly inspired. An old barn window excites me like a set of super swamper tires on a land cruiser excites my husband, Terry. In the same way, I don’t understand his love of motorized vehicles with a lift kit so high one needs a ladder to get into the vehicle. He looks over my $2.00 solid wood, dove tail joined, potential to be refurbished into a bathroom vanity, garage sale dresser, with confusion written all over his face. His once peaceful drive through the country to hunt down our next meal is now dotted with countless stops as he humours me at sights I deem scenic enough to photograph.
Romeo and Juliet.  Love birds. Photo taken by Tina Knooihuizen     My personal creative outlets are painting with oils; when I get the chance having 4 kids wanting to partake in the process that is; photographing scenery and portraits; usually of my friends and family and in an attempt to stay true to my creative self and not be one of those starving, I design interior spaces for a living. I find great joy and fulfilment in all of these mediums. My family on the other hand more tolerates my need to stop three times on the way to school to photograph the two love birds we have affectionately named Romeo and Juliet; who have made a nest on the top of a local power pole; consequently making my kids late for class.
Despite all of this I occasionally hear my husband or one of my children talking about one of my creations with a hint of pride in their voices and I think to myself, that's good enough for me.
Last Stop : Art, Painting.  : Photography. Digitally altered photo taken by Tina Knooihuizen : Photography. Digitally altered photo taken by Tina Knooihuizen  : Art, Painting by Tina Knooihuizen
 : Art, Painting by Tina Knooihuizen : Art, Painting by Tina Knooihuizen : Photography by Tina Knooihuizen : Photography by Tina Knooihuizen
 : Photography by Tina Knooihuizen : Photography taken by Tina Knooihuizen : Art, Painting by Tina Knooihuizen  : Photography.  Digitally altered photo by Tina Knooihuizen
 : Photography.Digitally altered photo by Tina Knooihuizen  Okanagan Mountain Fire : Photo by Tina Knooihuizen   : Photo by Tina KnooihuizenBliss : Oil on Canvas. Painting by Tina Knooihuizen.
This post is dedicated to my biggest supporters and the people who went to great lengths to encourage my creativity as far back as I can remember. 
 Thank you Mom and Dad!

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