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Design, decor, well living and artistic inspiration

Day 6 Nature Inspired Christmas

     I had the privelage of decorating a GORGEOUS home for the Christmas season. Using mostly natural materials, I created several garlands for the stairwell and fireplaces.  While the 3 trips out into the woods to fill up my truck with greens of varying kinds and the actual creating was quite time consuming,  the product was nearly free.  Because I used natural materials, the arrangements were vary authentic and fragrant.  I must give credit where it is due, It's my EXCELLENT husband, Terry risking his life for these amazing moss covered branches.

Day 5. A kids COLOUR birthday party!

A 'COLOUR' Birthday party.
I always say that an artist is simply someone who can't help but to create"  My daughter Meila is an 'Artist' in the true sense of the word.
She creates before school, takes her sketch book out on recess break, and continues when she gets home. When I tell her she is a Great Artist she says with complete confidence "I KNOW". At 5 years old she was teaching her dad how the colour wheel works.  Last year we had an "Artist" party, this year to switch it up, we did a colour party.  Construction paper spirals hang from the chandelier. 3 one dollar rolls of solid colour wrapping paper create stripes across the dining table which also made Clean-up very easy!  I then cut polka-dots of other colours and placed them all around.   A cluster of clear vases filled with water and food colouring hold a bouquet of balloons. The table is set up with coloured play dough, crayons and colouring books, which become the goodie bags. Also there were bowls of froot loops with one tied to the end of a thin ribbon. The kids threaded the Froot Loops onto the ribbon making edible necklaces.  I tied 20 balloons to one long string and hung them from one end of the house to the other ( a reverse rainbow).  With washable kids paint I painted a rainbow across the glass patio doors.  Each of the chairs was wrapped repeatedly in different colors of yarn.   I made a layered rainbow barbie princess cake. Each layer a different color and a surprise between the layers, pudding, cookies, smarties.  I served 7-UP with blue heart ice, when it melted it made blue drinks. We played musical chairs with a twist... when the music stopped they would color on the canvas in front of them.  After each child got to take a piece of art home that all of their friends worked on.  There are lots of songs about rainbows and colors. I use GROOVE SHARK to create online playlists. You could also get craft paper and create a coloured hopscotch on the floor. For pennies there was a huge colourful impact, and all of the kids had fun. 
28/01 2012 ADDITIONAL IDEA. I found this fantastic idea the other day, that I wish I had found before the party. Let me know if you try it.  Might work with glow sticks too.

Day 4. Wallpaper

As I finish packing away the last stragglers of my Christmas decorations until next year, I carefully remove the wallpaper from the wrapped decorative gifts I used as props for the HOt HOliday HOmes tour. I, admittedly pat my own back as I reflect on how much I liked the idea of using wallpaper as wrapping paper. Here then is when I got inspired to share with you how versatile wallpaper can be.  Using images I compiled from google, I share with you some very creative and imaginative ideas.   

Day 3. Bright Idea.

Day 3.
Well today's inspiration may not be artistically related, but definatley the BRIGHT  IDEA of the day!
I was watching Steven and Chris;  (Steven and Chris is a Canadian television talk show, which debuted on CBC Television on January 14, 2008. The show is hosted by Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman, formerly of the home renovation show Designer Guys, who host celebrity guests and talk about topics ranging from entertainment, cooking, fashion, health and home decor.
Returning guest; Frugalista shares her "Must-Dos"
To combat static cling, throw a ball of crumpled up tinfoil into the dryer with your laundry. The foil will attract static and combat any cling. You can reuse the same tinfoil ball at least 10 times before replacing.
To add a little festive odour to your clothes, add two cloves into the dryer as well.  This is a must try as I ran out of bounce sheets just this morning.  I will let you know how it works!
*** December 10th.. Update, the tinfoil really worked!. The Cloves, not so much. Perhaps if you added more.***

Day 2. Boxing week sales in Fabricland

 January 2nd... Boxing week sales at Fabricland.
 I picked up these fabulous fabrics for my 12 year old daughters room.
The focal fabric being the most expensive at $11.00 per meter, (regular $22.00/M) total cost for bed spread $33.00.  
I love that I can pull any number of colors from the focal fabric for paint colors and accessories. It's playful and yet sophisticated. This fabric story will grow with her.

365 Days of Design, Decor and Artistic Inspiration

     While out and about or online looking for inspiration to beautify my next project; be it a home design project, a decorating installation or a artistic endeavour either in paint or photography; I expect, as is usually the case, to find joy in the simplest of things.  It is my intention to share with you my favourite inspirational moment of each day for the next 365 days.  Here's to looking forward to what 2013 will bring.
I invite you to join me on this journey of discovery and hope you will share your joyful moments with me
     As today is Day 1, NEW YEARS DAY, I have taken the opportunity to stay home and relax. Something I have not done in months as Christmas is a VERY busy season for us designers. Inspiration today came form the online source "PINTEREST"; which incidentally, I LOVE! If you haven't already, I highly recommend joining today.  To view my Pins, go ahead and click the link.
Today my joyful moment came when My Husband, Terry agreed to make a table like this for me.  So simple yet beautiful. The contrast of the raw natural material juxtaposed against the industrial metallic caster legs appeals greatly to me. I love even more that a conversational piece of furniture like this can be made so affordable and easily.
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